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When a photo I take touches someone in a way that they only need a single word to express their thought, I don't care about the other 999. I try to capture simple everyday photos that are in our lives but we are too busy to see them.   I have always enjoyed taking photos at events and sharing the photos with everyone. When taking photos, I let the relaxed natural setting capture the image with spur-of-the-moment happenings. 

What I love:  my family ~ napping ~ the smell of Sunday dinners cooking~ multi-tasking  

Many people are self-conscious when their photograph is being taken, myself included. Being relaxed and having a great time will have better results than a formal pose.  We are our own worst enemy when we look at photos of ourselves.  

Happy Places:  the beach, freshwater or saltwater, with my toes in the sand ~ flowers in an open field ~ snuggling under a blanket reading on a rainy day   
Being in front of the camera is not my favorite place to be. I love being behind the camera and been since my first camera. The best part of taking photos for my clients are when I am taking photos of either them or their guests, and they are not aware I am even taking their photo.  I have been known to get down on the dance floor on my back & have everyone circle around me or lay down on the ground for the unusual shots.    
Favorite Sounds:  my children laughing ~ my rescue cat purring ~  my husband sleeping next to me at night ~ performing my concert of 1 as I sing in the car 

​When my husband saw this photo of us, he did not know about the bunny ears until he saw the photo in the frame. It is one of the few photos we have of us where we are both smiling without looking forced. It is rare for me to be in a photo with him. Thanks to my kiddo Jaline for taking this photo of us! 

Fun tidbits about ME !!!

I love 

  • My family
  • Penguins
  • Daisies
  • The color pink
  • Fresh Baked Bread
  • Music
  • ​The Smell of the ocean

Why Hire Me?

Hiring me to take your photos is not just having me come to you, snap a few photos, and calling it a day and never seeing me again. I show sneak peeks and also email a few photos to you. The photos I am taking of you are a memory of your special time.  Whether it's a birthday party, your newborn baby, or the wedding of your dreams. -  the photos I am taking are about you. I also try to promise not to sing on the dance floor, but there are no guarantees!  

When we meet afterward and review your photos, I love to see the joy on your face when you are reliving the moments or see the candid shots you didn't know happened.  To be part of your happiness not once, but twice is awesome! 

A little more about me....   

I am married to a wonderful man who has put up with me for the last 31 years of marriage.  We are the parents of two wonderful daughters who have flown the coop and one grandson. The girls were replaced by a tiny gray rescue kitty who acts like a dog and definitely grew into his skin from when we found him. I "love" how he helps me when I am on the computer.  

I was a resident of New Hampshire and Massachusetts for many decades I loved that New Hampshire has the mountains, beaches, foliage, and history. We have chosen to make Georgia our home in 2019, charming you with my accent, enjoying my new life and adventures that await me with our newest rescue dog, Penny who loves her weekly car rides. 


The person who hates having her photo taken did what? 

My husband and I went to NYC for my 45th birthday. I had a secret bucket list of items that I needed to do while there. Figured if I made an ass out of myself, I'd never see theses people again, right!!!

There was a grant given to an artist to provide poster sized photos of people to spread happiness. When the poster was ready, you had the choice of taking your poster home with you or having it displayed on the sidewalk of Times Square and on the Billboard randomly throughout the week.  I opted to have it pasted onto the sidewalk. I never saw my face on the Billboard while in Times Square, but it was cool to be part of it and see other photos taken throughout the week. 

Photo 1 - me behind the project sign wearing my birthday crown, directing my husband on how to use my camera to take my picture

Photo 2 - the van where we took the photos

Photo 3 - plastering my face down onto the sidewalk

Photo 4 - the paste is still wet and they were getting ready to move the barriers to open Times Square for the night

Photo 5 - the next day after I have been stepped on overnight, we went back to check it out before I got covered up. If you look close, you can see my pink fuzzy birthday headband 

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